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Fraktal ForEx has changed the way we transact with our bank. We have left every foreign currency transaction to them. With their advises, we saved 2% and started hedging using forwards. We are comfortable and devote our time to other productive avenues. Their team is very dynamic and have taught us about financial markets. Their vision of India's rising EXIM community is very unique and inspiring.
Paramjeet Singh
Promoter, Nutra Skyn
We work in paints industry and import big consignments in Euro which is very fluctuating currency. Sometime even 2 Rs in 1 day . Previously, half of my office hours went in analyzing if the market will go up or down. Now that problem is taken care of in good hands. Also, banks used to charge huge margins in Euro. Their team negotiated 40 paise for us with their live screens. Thank You Fraktal.
Piyush Kamal
Promoter, Keycoat
In these times of extreme volatilityin all G10 currencies, our bottom line was taking a huge hit. After working with Fraktal, we have converted Treasury into a profit center. We have started using zero cost structured options and our costs have gone down significantly. Their team has seamlessly solved our forex related problems. They have saved us a lot of money, at a fraction of what they charge.
Vikram Paranjape


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