Understanding the Fed’s interest rate agenda

The U.S. Federal Reserve is the world’s most powerful and influential central bank. As part of its mandate, the Fed serves as the decision-making body for U.S. monetary policy. Through management of short-term interest rates and the availability and cost of credit, it seeks to manipulate spending, investment, employment and inflation to foster economic growth.

How All That Extra Stimulus Money Could Lead to Price Inflation

In an effort to “fight” the consequences of the politically orchestrated “lockdown,” the Fed pumps vast amounts of money into the economy. It injects base money into the banking system. It also monetizes outstanding debt and finances the US administration’s deficit spending policy by issuing new money. This not only increases “excess reserves” in the

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Cotton Market Fundamentals & Price Outlook

The latest USDA report featured a small increase in 2019/20 globalproduction and a decrease in 2019/20 global mill-use. The addition to theworld harvest projection was 263,000 bales, bringing the current forecastto 121.6 million. The world consumption figure fell 850,000 bales,bringing the current forecast to 118.2 million.Along with an increase in beginning stocks (+191,000 bales to
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