Big Bang Theory

For those who still believe in fundamentals should read the article below. Rohit writes…In my most recent ‘Forex Analytics’ webinar I spoke about two possible regime changes that are taking place right now. The 1st major change is likely to be a move away from the deflationary regime towards an inflationary regime. I titled this ‘The

Gold Shooot up ?

Something which has not happened in the historyA stunning 2.8 M oz of gold was marked for delivery in last month contract… equating 88 tonnes worth $ 4-5B . Somebody is really taking a big call that USD will be devalued significantly

USDINR Mid Term View

How do I see rupee over the next 6-12 months? My thoughts: For the last two months rupee has been trading in a broad range of 75.25 and 76.00 with intermittent spikes on either side. While rupee bulls see a case for stronger INR in anticipation of healthy flows coupled with sharp rebound in economic

China Rebound ?

What a stunning collapse in global trade. The global trade has been falling since oct 2018 not feb 2020.Yes we will see a bounce but the post covid world will lead to more trade and tariff barriers as countries rush to protect domestic industries.The only chart you can take it with pinch of salt is

Trump’s Currency War Smacks of the 1930s

A trade war between China and the U.S. has become something bigger: a currency war. Beijing’s weakening of the yuan prompted the Treasury Department to brand it a “currency manipulator.” Central banks around the world, including Thailand, India and New Zealand, promptly followed China’s lead nonetheless. This isn’t the first time that protectionism became entangled in exchange
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