Advisory is what you will need at every point in life, you’re not an expert

– we are the best in the industry

– come work with us

This is a time of information overload, so it is best if you have someone to advise.

Forex Rate Alerts :

Markets are moving extremely fast, in terms of microsaconds. With technology. the latency of the markets has been minimized. We can help you bridge that with fastest reaction time.

Forex Health Check :

We treat your business as a baby, and its workings need to be checked at frequent intervals. A in depth check up of your business will be done at your end, and if we found any leakages, we will minimize that.

Risk Management Policy – Framing & Analyzing :

For businesses, we cannot keep everything in an unstrcutured way. We need to draft a RMP for structured forex hedging. Our team of experts will study your books and help you draft a policy, so that return over risk can be maximized.

Hedging Advisory at strategic levels :

Timing is very important in these markets . Hedging incurs a cost, therefore should only be used when the timing is right.

Fundamental & Technical Reports :

Our research team analyzes all major G10 currencies , and if you have exposure. we will help youl.

Exposure Identification Process :

Baded on your limits woith the nanlk and ahte dsxpsire that you have we will help uyou out .

Forex Risk Management :

We will manage your risks fro you.

Research Team Interaction :

Our team of experts will get in touch with you and explain.

Special Strategic Reports:

Risk Monitoring, Measuring & Managing :

We will monitor risk for you.

Treasury Performance Evaluation :

We will keep a historical data of what deals we take and send you a evaluation.

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