“Fraktal offers bespoke services wherein it engages with clients on specific projects.”
Fraktal’s bespoke treasury solutions are intended to meet clients’ specific requirements.
Preparing a research report on a particular economy/geography/industry that a client is planning to venture into.
Performing correlation and regression analysis, developing and back testing quant and econometric models.
Assistance in pricing the product/service competitively in the global markets i.e. working out the costing. IFA also helps importers in negotiating terms with overseas suppliers for procurement using their relative exchange rates as a base.
Conducting an economic presentation covering major macroeconomic themes – Global as well as Domestic.

Hedging a specific foreign currency liability such as an ECB or foreign currency denominated bonds and hedging the currency risk associated with overseas investments.
Valuation of structured products such as CCIRS, POS, COS, options, etc.
Conducting training for your team on specific topics of interest such as derivatives, technical analysis, fixed income, etc.

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