You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

Information has driven human evolution since a long time and in the pre-technology era, information held the key to all secret chests. Not much has changed with respect to the importance of data, but with the advent of technology and internet, there is more noise than signals ! The Data in financial markets has never been more valuable as every second gets recorded and can be used for data driven decision makings.. In this fast world, data is the new oil. In this algorithmic world, markets work at insane speeds and are majorly (~85%) controlled by computer codes which function at a latency of micro seconds.

For you to have the fastest responsive time to the volatile markets, here is our list of information offerings, specially curated for you:

Forex Rate Check –

Check the forex rates while executing real-time transaction. This simplifies the process of checking rates across many sources. You can verify exchange rates with our dealing room, while negotiating with the bank and pay commission that you know, not what you think you know.

Forex Rate Audit

Also, bring to us , your business’s history of forex transactions, and we will decipher the financial leakage for you. Our audit team will scrutinize your past 3 years transactions, with respect to our historical repository of FCYINR data and advise you, on how to save your costs.

Regulatory Notifications:

Forex transactions drive our country’s balance sheet, and compliance regulations control the flow of foreign currency, in and out of the country. RBI – Reserve Bank of India, FEMA and FEDAI primarily are the major bodies which regulate the market.

Market Moving Events :

Dollar Ruppee market is insanely volatile and is very much succeptible to market driving events such as monetary policies, industrial data, RBi interventions and many more. It is most often used by large corporate groups with Treasury setup because it requires necessary expertise to analyze market events for successful execution.

Market Research :

Our experienced research team tracks the currency markets 24*7*365. “At Fraktal, we believe Research is the backbone of our Advisory and Treasury Management functions. Our Research team comprises of Technical, Fundamental and Quant Analysts and our market view is based comprehensively on all the three modes of analysis.

Market Forecasts :

We research the market deeply to make accurate forecasts in the currency market. We follow a dart model approach for forecasting the currency markets. We have monthly , weekly and daily reports. Also, we can track the market throughout the day, if you have any high ticket size transactions.
In our dart model, we have analyzed last 30 years data, and our accuracy of prediction is >73%.

Forex Calendar :

Currency markets function at all major locations acorss the world . the major hubs are Singapore, Dubai, London, New York and Hong Kong. All the major G10 currencoies that govern international trade are being traded here. It is very important to have an economic calendar where it can be all the incoming events can be tracked and planned accordingly to time the markets.

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