If you have a forex rate in mind, we intimate you as soon it hits the target rate.

Forex markets are the fastest moving market across all asset classes. Speed is the key for tapping the market highs.

Since time immemorial, people have been trying to predict the movements in the financial markets for making money. We also believe in the same philosophy, but we are primarily focussed towards helping business in hedging their business transactions.


What kind of forecasts do you provide ?

We follow a dart model approach for forecasting the currency markets. We have monthly , weekly and daily reports. Also, we can track the market throughout the day, if you have any high ticket size transactions.

How accurate are your forecasts ?

In our dart model, we input a range of 7 macro economic variables, namely Inflation, Interest Rates, Growth, FII activity and many more. We have analyzed last 30 years data, and our accuracy of prediction is 73%.

What is your forecast goes wrong ?

We understand that predicting the future is a calculated probability and in case we have a change in view, we would intimate you at the earliest. Profits needs to be maximized and losses need to be minimized.

What other markets do you track for forecating USDINR rates?

Currency markets is a huge market and it requires tracking a lot of international markets. Our team is active throughout all time zones and any international activity that can affect the currency markets in India is closely monitored.

Do you have dedicated relationship managers for your services?


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