“Fraktal helps you build a firewall against risks arising from reckless and impulsive decisions by drafting a Risk Management Policy.”
Having a Risk Management Policy instills a sense of confidence among creditors, investors, auditors and regulators about the firm’s attitude towards risk and in its ability to manage the same.
A well-articulated Risk Management Policy is the cornerstone of a robust risk management framework that is standardized, systematic and consistent.
It involves determining the ability and willingness of the firm to take risks and quantifying the same.
It is a systematic approach towards identifying, measuring, monitoring and mitigating risks.
We engage with clients to draft policies on:
FX Risk Management: It involves assessing vulnerability of the firm’s operating profit to FX volatility, to what extent is FX risk considered in product/service pricing decisions, whether to hedge exposures based on gross basis or net basis, etc.
Interest Rate Risk Management: It involves identifying the optimal duration for the firm’s investment portfolio and hedging the interest rate risk associated with firm’s long-term liabilities.

Investment Risk Management: It involves finding the optimal investment mix for the firm based on its risk appetite using tools such as indifference curves and the efficient frontier (Portfolio Management Theory).

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