Achilles Saxby
Algorithm Modeller

A hard core data modelling enthusiast, has done his bachelors in Mathematics from IIT Kharagpur and Masters in Statistics from New York Stern, the mecca of the financial world. He loves theatre and plays basketball, when free. He loves to predict everything under the sun, by recognizing patterns through through big data! Our currency dart model with ~71% accuracy, is designed exclusively by him.

Shobhit Manwar
Founder & CEO

An IIT Kharagpur and FMS alumni, he single handedly ideated Fraktal ForEx, India’s largest EXIM community. In his career, spanned across US, Europe & Asian markets, he developed complex risk models, ranging across securitized credit derivatives (’08 crisis) in US and FX/IR derivatives in India. He loves to interact with people, listen to their stories, learn from them & strives to evolve continuously.

Saurav Nandi
Markets Strategist

A highly analytical person at heart, he has found his love in financial markets and how they mutually interact. A student of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta, finance totally flows in his blood. He was the Chief Dealer in Aditya Birla Group’s Treasury team and strategized FX/IR hedging strategies for over $ 30 Billion exposures. When markets are shut, he loves to paint, create music and runs marathons.

Anushri Mahambre
Regulatory Specialist

She is an industry veteran and has worked in RBI for a total of 40 years. She is well versed with anything and everything about regulatory guidelines from RBI – FEMA – FEDAI. Foreign Exchange is her forte, and she is well versed with Ombudsman procedures within the RBI. She is a Goan at heart, and loves to listen to country music and watch documentaries.

Anshu Maulik Shah
News Media Analyst

A voracious reader since childhood days, she has always loved consuming the latest content in the market. With an exceptional financial acumen, she is spear heading Fraktal’s revolutionary vision of remitting International news, nationally! She is based in New York and observes finacial markets at a practical forefrunt. Her hobbies are making portraits and learning new languages.

Alka Prakash
Trade Expert

She has had over 6 years of experience in the banking sector, working with the largest private banks viz. ICICI, Kotak and Axis. With an MBA in marketing from Ahmedabad, she has handled trade transactions for over 450 clients and loves deep diving into International Trade and commerce. She is an expert at Trade finance and handling trade transactions.

Dushyant Parihar
City Head, Nashik

Dushyant brings an interesting mix of experience and skill set ranging from sales, operations and finance. An aspiring Economist at heart, he is a bachelor of Statistics and MBA in Finance, with 13 Years of experience in Trade and Forex domain, working with India's largest private banks. He is an analyst by passion and aspires to learn new things, every moment.

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